All-Natural Canine Dog Food: Logo Design in Austin

I had the pleasure of meeting a lively dog owner named Renee and her dog Booger. Renee was kind enough to rescue Booger from the side of the road and give him a home. She later learned he had numerous health issues (shotgun pellets in his heart) and a special needs diet. She decided to create organic dog food made from organic brown rice and lean organic chicken. Thus, All-Natural Canine was born. She commissioned me to create a logo for the new product to sell at local Farmer’s Markets here in Austin.

She took a snapshot of Booger feverishly licking the stockpot after she would create the organic dog food. We decided to use this as our inspiration for the new logo. Her tagline is “Pot-Lickin’ Good” (very KFC, but for dogs).

I’ve posted a couple of the finalists. We are currently tweaking colors.

Women’s Apparel Logo: Austin Logo Design

Recently I was commissioned to create a custom logo design for a women’s apparel company in San Antonio. They wanted something whimsical featuring a monkey and type and color that were “Tiffany’s” inspired.

I was able to create “Henri” our French monkey friend using my wacom tablet. It was definitely the most elaborate and detailed logo design in my portfolio yet.

Clean use of a simple font: Litter bag

Upon taking a family camping trip to the Texas Hill Country, we were given a litter bag for the waterfront portion of our cabin. But it did not look like an ordinary trash collecting bag.

I fell in love with the use of bold yellow and bold black Helvetica font used here. The simple, concise copy compliments the use of the font, bold lines.

Just because its a trash bag, doesn’t mean it has to look trashy.

Typography Dilapidation: Dr. Pepper Logo

When traveling to my ranch in South Texas, I stumbled upon an old Dr. Pepper machine. It was old, dilapidated and sitting in front of an old house, as if it served a purpose, almost guarding their front door. It had huge buttons (9″  or 10″ x 3″ish in size) for each soda. It made me think of how the logo has kept its general look and feel throughout the years (unlike that of other sodas like Pepsi), etc.

The drink, invented in 1883, is said to be named after the father of a daughter whom a pharmacist was trying to impress.  Generations and generations later, the general font treatment and color scheme remain the same.

Typography Blunders No.344: Letter/Object Replacement Gone Wrong

I have to give the designer credit . They definitely got their point across with the oh-so-subtle use of replacing the “B” letter form with an actual “butt”. The delicate shading offers just the right amount of definition.

In addition: The “Relief for the Un-happy Butt” tagline….really makes me want to buy a box or two for my ex-husband.

Funny Typographic Displays: How to Use a Toilet

First of all, I apologize for the poor image quality. My husband is staying at an apartment in Singapore and I asked him to take pics of interesting typographic displays.

He sent me this picture of a label placed in the bathroom: “How to use the toilet”, showing a man standing (a very important step 1 of 2), and then sitting.

Is it a disclaimer? Are they afraid the guests might have forgotten how to use the potty? Do they have a history of problems with guests not correctly aiming? Either way, it brought a smile to my face.

Ralph Lauren Label Design

I was shopping for shorts for my freakishly-small-waisted husband (30″), when I came across these ornate, vintage labels/clothes tags.

It made me fantasize about how that client/designer meeting went…

Ol’ Ralph (to designer): “Design something fabulous and antique-y.” (Slams a small briefcase of about $20k on the table and walks away.)

Designer: “Fabulous, right away.” (Gathers old worn library books for inspiration, pours a bottle of vino and designs his/her heart out.)