Urban Typography: Part 2

Again dashing raindrops on the East side of Austin, I stumbled upon this poster clinging to an old dumpster. I’m not sure what it is advertising, but I fell in love with the almost “David Carson” execution of typography with its slanted, bold, black sans serif font. It’s slightly disturbed and intentionally altered letter “s”… Continue reading Urban Typography: Part 2

Urban Typography: Part 1

I drove around in the rain of Hurricane Hermine today — jumping in East side puddles and shooting urban images adorning local landmarks and alleyways. Featured on the double-decker “Number 19 Bus & Restaurant”, is a display of stenciled art using a worn typewriter font and bold, blood-red paint.

Menu Misspellings: Part 3

I stopped to put gas on the west side of Austin and noticed a mobile Mexican food vendor advertising “brefask” tacos. Based on my experience, if the Mexican food vendor has at least ONE menu item misspelled, the food is authentic. Here’s hoping!

Typography Dilapidation

I did a double-take at this sign in the backroads of Three Rivers, TX.  Appears that dilapidation and weathering had the last say on this “parking” sign.

Logo Wars

Here are some logo designs I did for a governance compliance company. I posted on my facebook. The discussion from the designer’s is amusing. We shall see which one the client selects.