Dave and Buster’s New Menu Design

Sadly, I prefer to take my kids to Dave and Buster’s for game time because they do serve beer. As we waited for our order, I noticed the redesign of their menu. The bold helvetica type nestled tightly within the vector forms works neatly and harmoniously.

“Poppy” colors and Type on Popcorn Bag

Although this is a simple, unassuming bag of popcorn I found at Walgreens, I thought the use of a “poppy” red color against a bold black and lovingly-placed type was an excellent execution of typographic style.

Great Use of Negative Space within Type

I took a snapshot of a commercial that was advocating an end to world hunger. Here, the designer used white space to depict two children’s faces within the space of an apple. Simple and effective.

Typography Blunders: Supermarket

I often find some type treatments that catch my eye. The ones that are subliminally funny or the ones that use letter/object replacement. This one utilizes both treatments.