All-Natural Canine Dog Food: Logo Design in Austin

I had the pleasure of meeting a lively dog owner named Renee and her dog Booger. Renee was kind enough to rescue Booger from the side of the road and give him a home. She later learned he had numerous health issues (shotgun pellets in his heart) and a special needs diet. She decided to create organic dog food made from organic brown rice and lean organic chicken. Thus, All-Natural Canine was born. She commissioned me to create a logo for the new product to sell at local Farmer’s Markets here in Austin.

She took a snapshot of Booger feverishly licking the stockpot after she would create the organic dog food. We decided to use this as our inspiration for the new logo. Her tagline is “Pot-Lickin’ Good” (very KFC, but for dogs).

I’ve posted a couple of the finalists. We are currently tweaking colors.

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