Logo Trend Predictions for 2019:

Towards the latter part of 2018, I noticed a ramping up of certain logo design trends and wanted to share those design approaches, and explore how they may impact the design world in 2019. (Most of these patterns have been influenced mainly by client demand.)

1.) Simplification. The stripping down of icons to their purest and most minimalist components, appears to be a universal and easiliy approachable theme. We noticed the trend a few years back with the trimmed down version of the Starbucks logo design, Air BnB, and numerous others as logo brand refreshes surge. With technology constantly evolving, the demand for more white space and breathability becomes crutial for legibility among smaller platforms.


2.) Flat is where it’s at. It’s been years since I’ve had a client want a gradient, shading, ombre, or distressing on any commissioned logo designs. Flat, fluid colors now convey restraint and modernism. Neon colors and vibrant color palettes now project a certain energy. The effort looks impactful, without trying too hard.

Spotify’s rebrand using flat color.

3. Geometric is centric. Being fortunate to design logos in such a trendy city as Austin, TX, you are exposed to a mix of clients with a discerning eye. Many of whom might be a modern farmhouse architect, a minimalist landscape designer, or a high end boutique dental office. With that influence in mind, I’m often directed to provide work that has strong clean lines and edges; marks that interpret simple objects in an artistic, interpretive manner. In addition, a lot of recent clients don’t necessarily want a logo mark based on something specific, and are open to an abstract interpetation of a mark, so long as the lines are aesthetically pleasing.

#modernlogodesign #geometriclogodeisgn
Austin Logo Designs modern geometric logo samples

4. Sexy use of typography. A handful of my clients are demanding font styles that are more understated, thinner lines which force the viewer to draw you in. Last month, I had a client come to me frustrated. She had seen a few logo designers prior, that told her it was impossible to successfully design a logo with proper tracking to be balanced. We worked a little magic and were able to create another modern, type-based design for “The Firm”. They are also not shying away from logo designs that are type-based and not needing to be coupled with a graphic. This allows them to utilize striking photographic images to accompany the name to further develop their brand.

Thin, minimal use of font-only based logo designs