Logo Design for an Electronics Company in Barbados: Wise Guys

Although Austin Logo Designs specializes in local clients, we were contacted by “Wise Guys Electronics” in Barbados to do their logo design. I wanted to deliver a unique design that integrated technology within the type treatment. We offered a range of options. Several including:

Stay tuned to see the final approved logo design.

Magazine Cover Collage Inspired by Eduardo Recife

I have purchased a couple prints by collage genius Eduardo Recife. (http://www.eduardorecife.com) He creates both personal and commercial works utilizing surreal imagery.

I had to create a warmer and fuzzier magazine cover design for the INvisible Project Magazine (www.invisibleproject.org) — a great organization helping people cope with pain. I cut out the models in photoshop, collected stock imagery and typography to create the following cover collage:

“Barbie-Inspired” Invitation Design

This design project was so sweet, I think I got a cavity. The client was gracious enough to provide influential images to base the design and photo shoot on for a special “Champagne & Curls” event for Austin’s Capitol City Dance Team. They wanted it to be shiny and very bubble gum.

I used the Keeping Up with the Kardashians show title to inspire the type treatment of the event name, and below was the end result:

Product and Package Design in Austin, TX: Austin Logo Designs

Graphic Design: Austin Logo Designs

V-Sharp Sharpeners is one of my favorite clients. They came to me with an outdated logo and package design for their worldwide, sharpener line. They were the first to develop a dual-side sharpener. We revamped the logos for each product, created detailed illustrations for the enclosed instructions, as well as the package (box) design for the line.