The Process of Developing a Smashing Logo Design

My clients are always curious as to how to develop a lasting, impressionable logo design, but have no idea how to minimize and polish their ideas. I decided to document the process, so that small business owners can become more familiar with what to expect — from beginning to end.

For example, we are currently developing a logo for a local Austin company named “Rozik” (a hybrid of 2 names). It’s a very unique clothing line that allows you to wear stylish, comfortable, breathable, hip clothes that take you from commuting to work, to happy hour at the local drinking hole. The clothing line includes retro plaid shirts for men to skirts for women — all geared towards the hip, urban Austinite.

My client came to me with the tagline “Clothing that goes in any direction life takes you.” I am currently toying with the idea of simplifying the tagline, so that it fits well under the names “Rozik” when its printed or embroidered. That brings us to an important logo design rule: Try your best to exclude lengthy taglines from logo designs. People won’t remember long company statements. If it’s a long supporting statement featured in a commercial, with cute puppies, sung in a peppy jingle…perhaps. But for the most part, try to simplify as much as possible.

I’m offering my client various logo options in their requested color scheme (mushroom gray and purple), as well as showing a suggested tagline we developed: “EVERY WEAR“. We are also showing design comps with theirs, so that they can compare and decide what works best for them.

In addition, the client wanted to incorporate a compass into the design. I suggested that we interpret the direction concept of the compass into the design, and attempt to be too literal.

Below is a simple concept accentuating the shape of the K and the arrow, to show direction.

More to come as the process continues.

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